Crying bcos i have like this massive hole in my heart and it feels so shit and i think getting a whippet or a lab or a dalmatian could fill dat hole (who needs friends or a boyfriend lmao) but mum and dad wont let me 😩😩😩😩

It always happens to me, every friend i make something happens to force us to grow apart. I wasnt supposed to have friends D:

Literally have just fucked things up so bad with one of my best friends, just because i intervened when her brother was being a cunt to her, arrrrghhhh fuck i feel like shit :(((((( can someone shoot me pls legit

I literally think im going to be forever alone. Tis v sad coz itd be nice to feel actually wanted and have cuddles everynight for once :(((( why must i be such a fugly awks weirdo????????!! Hmmmm???? ANSA MI DAT GOD YA CUNT

Yay my thigh gap is back!!’ Fuck that box gap shit its for ugly poos saddest 3 months of my life

Thank fuck its over!!!

Ooop nope spoke too soon

Argh shut the fuck up im tired!!!’